Huida Environmental Protection was founded in 1997 and is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, production, installation, and service of environmental protection equipment. It has passed ISO quality certification, high standard modern factory buildings and advanced production equipment, as well as an expert technical team that has been engaged in environmental protection equipment development for many years.

As a pioneer in the national wood product environmental protection industry, Huida Environmental Protection also adheres to the innovative concept of "Hui Environmental Protection, Hui Energy Conservation, and Hui Safety". Continuously researching and innovating, we tailor environmental protection equipment that better meets the needs of enterprises, and provide the strongest environmental protection supporting solutions and services for industry development. This is Huida's unshirkable mission. We will continue to extend and cooperate in the home industry chain, and improve the innovation and development of the home environmental protection industry chain.



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Huida has hired senior technical personnel from the environmental engineering industry for many years to form an exclusive team of environmental experts. While designing solutions, the Huida expert team also learns cutting-edge technology in the industry and has created multiple technology patents.

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